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Is it sexy or creepy when a dude buys lingerie for a woman?

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A few weeks ago, I was shopping with my best friend and walked into La Senza to check out their sale. As I do every time La Senza has a sale, I was browsing through the A cup bin. (Unfortunately I’ve been cursed with Asian breasts, so I’ve never outgrown an A cup… sadly.)

As I was looking through a pile of discounted bras all tangled together in a bin, a man in his late 40s walked toward me. He looked like a “gangsta” who didn’t get the memo that after high school you don’t need to be a blood or a crip to be cool. He was wearing baggy jeans hanging halfway down his ass and a bomber jacket with a Bluetooth sticking out of his ear. I don’t know why, but guys who wear their Bluetooth for “style” always look douchey to me.

Anyway, here’s the conversation I had with this 40-year-old hoodlum.

Man: Are these on sale? (Pointing at the bra bins)

Me: Yeah, they’re $9.99. (Pointing at the giant sale sign dangling over the bins that read “bras $9.99″)

Man: Alright. What about these? These on sale too? (Pointing at the underwear section)

Me: Yeah, those are $1.99 each (Again, pointing at the sale sign above those bins)

Man: Cool, that’s cheap right?

Me: Yes.

buying lingerie, men buying lingerie for women, buy lingerieHe walked up beside me and started rummaging through the A cup bin with me!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m used to rummaging through bra bins with other bargain hunters, but they’re usually 12-year-old girls vying for the same A cup bras I’m trying to buy. There’s something about rummaging through bras with a 40-year-old, shaddy-looking rapper reject that just didn’t feel right.

So I walked away and found my best friend at the other side of the store.

I decided to look for underwear first and go back to bra shopping when he was done. I found a couple of pairs that I liked, and wanted to find matching bras for them. But he was still there. I didn’t want to wait any longer so I said, “screw it, I’m going back to continue shopping for bras.”

Now the dude was talking to the sales lady.

Sales Lady: What style are you looking for, sir?

Man: Somethin’ sexy… somethin’ with that lace shit.

Sales Lady: Okay, how about this? (Showing him a black lace bra)

Man: Nah, black is boring. I like somethin’ with more colour.

Sales Lady: How about this? (Holding up a purple bra)

Man: Yeah, that’s good. That’s good.

At this point, he had about 4 or 5 bras in his hands ranging from red, pink, turquoise and now purple – all with lace.

I wasn’t there 30 second before I walked back to my best friend and said, “Yeah, there’s no way I can be comfortable with shopping beside him.”

In the end, I bought 4 pairs of underwear and zero bras. He, on the other hand, left the store with about 5 or 6 bras.

Back to my question: Is it sexy or creepy when a dude buys lingerie for a woman?

I guess it depends on the dude.

In this case, it was creepy. But I suppose it would be less creepy if a husband and wife were shopping for lingerie together. Or perhaps a dude shopping alone wouldn’t be so creepy if he just bought 1 piece of lingerie… not 6. And not all bras from the $9.99 bin.

Ladies, I want to hear from you. Has a man ever bought lingerie for you?

Sexy or creepy? What do you think?

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  1. Sisinga

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