10 Annoying people you’ll meet in the workplace

This was a pretty fun post to write. No matter where you’re employed, you’re sure to meet these 10 annoying people at work. Even though most of these start with “the guy who…” these annoying people in the workplace can be both guys and girls. Feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment below with some annoying people at your work.

1. The lazy slacker

Going for long coffee breaks, surfing the web, taking 2-hour lunches and sneaking out 30 minutes early all describe a typical day in the life of this guy. Everybody hates him because he seems to get away with it. But nobody wants to be that person who rats him out. So we all just put up with it.

2. The guy who always needs a Kleenex

Cold and flu season and allergy season are the worst! This is the guy who’s always sniffling. You don’t notice him at first until someone points him out. Then he’s all you hear! He either sounds like he’s snorting his snot back up to his brains or blows his nose like a 300 pound trucker.

funny quotes about blowing your nose

Great quote for those annoying people who look inside that Kleenex. Ew.

3. The guy who always calls in sick just before or just after a long weekend

Less annoying if your days are more peaceful without this guy around. But pretty annoying if you rely on him to do his work in order for you to complete yours. It’s so obvious he’s not really sick, yet everyone lets it slide.

4. The guy who steals people’s lunches

I wrote a blog post about this last year called, “Why do people steal food from the office fridge.” I will never understand what would possess someone to go into the fridge at work and take someone’s lunch. What’s worse is when someone eats half your lunch and puts the other half back.

funny signs stealing food at work

Funny way to stop people from stealing your lunch at work.

5. The guy who calls to tell you he just sent you an email

I shared a funny quote about this in my post, “Sarcastic quotes to get you through those crappy days.” This guy exists in every office, and no matter how many times you tell him your emails are working fine, he still calls you after every email to ask, “Did you get my email?!”

6. The guy who loves the “Reply All” button

I wrote a post about email etiquettes not long ago and one of my email pet peeves is when people “Reply All” for no good reason. Things like saying “thanks” or “you’re welcome” do not merit a Reply All.

funny quotes about reply all

This is one funny quote! Literally laughed out loud.

7. The guy who talks on his phone super loud

Loud people in general are so distracting in the workplace. These are the people who think their cubicle is an office. They’re also the same guys who rest their feet up on their desks. They’re only loud when the call is going well, but quiet when the call isn’t going in their favour.

8. The guy who sends emails on weekends to impress people

This is the guy who purposely logs into his computer on a Saturday morning, sends a few pointless emails to some high profile executives and then logs off till Monday morning. You know they have nothing better to do than look like they’re working on weekends.

9. The guy who always comes in late and leaves early

This person is perpetually late for work every morning yet is able to get out the door before everyone else. While it’s definitely not fair to the other employees, this person seems to get away with it every day (probably because they have kids).

sarcastic quotes about coming in early, working late

Gotta love those people who get to use their kids as an excuse to leave early.

10. The over-achiever and over-emotional workaholic

This is the person who sets unreasonable expectations for themselves and others, sets the bar really high and gets super bent out of shape when work overwhelms them. (I’m honest enough to admit this is me.)

Now over to you. What would you add to this list? Leave me a comment below and tell me about the annoying people at work you have to deal with.


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    • Lyana on July 9, 2013 at 9:37 pm
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    Oh balls. I am #2…I can’t help it. The office is dusty. I overdose on Reactine everyday 🙁

    I would add –> #11: The guy who continues to talk to you about your weekend/ his kids/ his dogs/ something else unrelated to work when you are clearly ‘in the zone’ and obviously WAY busier than he is.

    #12: The “I can’t retain any information” guy. He’s the one who asks the same question EVERY…SINGLE…DAY.

  1. YES, the “I can’t retain any information” guy drives me up the freakin wall. He’s up there with the guy who’s in Marketing and calls it “The Facebook”.
    Joanne recently posted…10 Annoying people you’ll meet in the workplace

    • Michelle on November 5, 2013 at 4:00 am
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    There’s this one guy at work who thinks he’s the bees knees but actually nobody can stand him. He’s a creepy skirt chaser and always tries to be cute by sending silly little emails just to say thank you or to boast about his love life. He’s also almost permanently sick or something because when he talks, it sounds like when someone has a cold and is trying to “talk through/past the snot” It’s super annoying and I hate when he comes to my office to chat or ask about something. He doesn’t notice that I give him the cold shoulder, he’s probably too caught up in himself. I wish he could just get transferred to some other department so we can be rid of him for good

    He also almost always has his hands in his pockets. We’ve established that he does that to hold up his pants. Hasn’t he ever heard of a BELT? Seriously. Everything he does annoys the living daylights out of all of us and he’s completely oblivious to the fact that nobody likes him

    1. Hi Michelle,
      That guy definitely sounds like something else. Who sends work emails bragging about their love life?! I once had a guy hover over my desk while I was busy working on something – just to stare at my screen and talk about himself, his wife, and their kid (I didn’t ask!). I know what you mean when everything that ONE person does annoys you. Hear hear! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment.

    • Michelle on November 7, 2013 at 4:38 am
    • Reply

    Thank you for the reply. I’m glad I posted. It helped me get rid of some of my frustrations 🙂

    There’s another guy here who is equally annoying but he keeps his distance now after a fallout. He also used to come to my office to chit chat about whatever and he tried to have a office fling with me. It backfired in his face obviously. Anyway, he used to stand right next to me and look at whatever is on my computer screen. Or he’d read papers that are lying on my desk. It’s got F-ALL to do with him and it used to annoy the living daylights out of me. I hate when people see the need to come and stand next to me. There’s a chair for them to sit on in front of my desk so they have no reason to invade my personal space.

    I forgot to add, about the first annoying guy (Morgan – yes that’s his real name). He also pretends to be computer illetterate just so he can ask me for help with either rotating a document on email or just to check his stupid emails on my computer (he’s forward them to me). I even had to help him set up his new computer monitor, he was too stupid to figure it out. All those little things get on my nerves and I’m too nice to tell him to bugger off. It’s simply not in my nature. And let’s not forget that he’s twice my age (I’m in my twenties) and he asks ME for relationship advice. I mean, seriously, I have way less life experience than he does and I’ve been single for 3.5 years already! So I’m the last person to ask for relationship advice. I bet he thinks I’ll be impressed by his blooming social life and probably reckons I’ll get jealous if I hear about someone who’s interested in him. Sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth. His blatant arrogance is enough to make anyone lose their cool. He’s nobody’s favourite, not by a long shot.

    Maybe I’m just over-sensitive. But I’m sure that it’s not my imagination. Those two men give me the creeps. And the second guy (Andrew) is way shorter than I am and also twice my age. And I found out through the grapevines that he’s married! What a creep

    Thanks for letting me rant 🙂

    1. No worries! This blog is all about ranting. Feel free to get things off your chest anytime here. Sounds like you have a lot of random weirdos stalking your office. I work in a cubicle and there’s a guy who always hovers and looks at my screen. It’s like he wants to see if I’m working or doing something else. That Morgan guy at your work sounds sooo creepy. HE should be on this list! Lol

    • Michelle on November 7, 2013 at 6:22 am
    • Reply

    Apologies for the spelling and grammatical errors, English is not my first language and I typed it in a hurry

    • Michelle on November 11, 2013 at 3:40 am
    • Reply

    I just have to rant

    Earlier we had a woman here who had an appointment with my boss. But he left before she got here, even though she was on time for their appointment! She got upset and I had to phone my boss to ask him what I should do. He told me to fill out a public liability claim form (a form we use for damages caused by our company). I struggled to find that form and when I did, there was only one copy of it. I wanted to make a copy of it, but alas, the guy who has the copier in his office wasn’t there and his office was locked. So my stress levels shot up through the roof because I have this impatient and upset client with me and I can’t do anything. I ended up filling out the one copy we had in the office but I was unable to give her a copy of the form because, well, the copier was locked in someone else’s office!!!

    Now I cannot seem to find any other clean copies of the form, and I also don’t have it on my pc. I’m stressing because what if that was the only copy we had? I had no choice though but I just needed to rant about my boss who’s never here when people come looking for him and then they get upset with ME, but I’m doing my job. It’s my boss who’s never around to assist them when they ask for him directly. And he always leaves these kinds of things up to me, but I actually know nothing about it, and I hope I did everything right.

    My job is usually pretty stress-free and relaxed but it’s days like these that I just feel like crying and running away. Talk about a blue Monday!!! Even more reason to hate Mondays!

    Unreliable boss and therefore, unreliable company because of bad management!!!

    1. Wow, sounds like a really shitty Monday. 🙁 Hopefully the rest of the week goes better for you. Try not to let bad stressful days get to you. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Just shake it off and have a glass of wine when you get home. It’s how I get through most days 😉

    • Michelle on January 16, 2014 at 2:47 am
    • Reply

    This one guy at work I spoke about in a previous comment (Andrew), admitted something really creepy and stalkerish: He stands at the window watching over the car park to check if and when I come to work, and then continues watching me walk to the building! Sometimes he’d shout a comment or something from the window, but I can’t always hear what he says. He thinks he’s the bees’ knees, and often makes rude remarks about my appearance or weight, but he’s very overweight himself. Probably insecure. I feel that what he does each morning is totally creepy and it makes me uncomfortable knowing I’m being watched. When he’s not at work, it immediately brightens up my day, lol

    What can I do about it? Would it be acceptable to take it up with this guy directly? I just feel it needs to stop, as it’s making my job seem like a punishment, and he doesn’t seem to give a rat’s arse about his creepy ways or hurtful comments. I’m too timid to say something though so I don’t know how to deal with him/this situation. I’m too much of a nice guy to tell him to go f*** himself, even though I REALLY want to

    1. Oh my Michelle, that IS really creepy :S Honestly, I would confront him about it. He’s clearly making you uncomfortable, and that’s not right. Just tell him that the things he says aren’t appropriate for the workplace and you’d appreciate it if he stopped. Also let him know that him staring at you makes you uncomfortable. Most guys (keyword is most) hate having their ego bruised. So if you to tell him he’s creepy and he realizes what he’s doing is not at all attractive, hopefully he gets embarrassed and stops. (Maybe the best way to get him off your case is to embarrass him for his ridiculous behaviour). But if he still continues, maybe it’s worth talking to your boss or HR about it. Seriously, that’s not acceptable. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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