10 Things that are no longer cool when you’re 30

We’ve all heard that 30 is the new 20, which to some extent is true. Thirty-somethings in today’s world can get away with doing things that our parents or grandparents could NEVER do at 30.

But even still, there are some things that lose their “cool factor” as you enter your 30s. These are things that make your family and friends question when you’re going to grow up.

quotes about being broke but buying cigarettes and alcohol1. Being broke all the time

This is a 20-something problem that should stay in your 20s. Understandably at this age, you’ve got bills, rent, and tuition that you need to pay. But as you approach 30, living pay cheque to pay cheque and mooching off others is no longer cool.

I totally get the idea of “following your dreams.” But if you’re 30 and struggling to pay the bills, it might be time to find a new dream.

2. Wearing your baseball cap sideways

Unless you’re a hip hop star, wearing your baseball cap sideways in your 30s makes you look like a douche. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you look like a rapper wannabe who didn’t make the America’s Got Talent cut?  Either lose the hat or wear it properly.

3. Wearing pants that show your thong

I’m not sure when or how this EVER became cool. But if you’re still wearing lowrise pants low enough to see your thong, stop. Just stop. You’re not a slutty high school girl, so don’t dress like one. No one wants to see your latest La Senza purchase.

low rise jeans, thongs

Source: Pinterest

4. Wearing your pants down at your knees… or in this case, ankles?

If only I could take a picture of every 30-something man I see walking around with their pants down at their knees – just to show them how ridiculous they look. Every woman wants to be with THIS guy… am I right, ladies?

gangster pants, thug pants

Maybe a bit much? (source: Pinterest)

5. Bumming rides off people

This was okay when you were younger and only a few of your friends had cars. But as you get older and most (if not all) of your friends start getting cars, it’s not cool to keep bumming rides off others. This is especially annoying if you never offer up any gas money.

6. Playing video games obsessively

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally hooked on The Big Bang Theory. The idea of adult men letting their inner child loose is always entertaining to watch… on TV. But in real life, no woman wants to be with someone who still has video game slumber parties with their buddies.

grown men addicted to video games

7. Being “creative” with your facial hair

The days when it was cool to shave patterns into your facial hair came to a crashing end – when you turned 30. I get that young guys want to “express themselves” in their facial hair. But there’s a fine line between “Hey, that’s cool” and “Dude, you look like a perv.”  Exhibit A.

Gotta love the interesting things you find on Pinterest.

Gotta love the interesting things you find on Pinterest.

8. Wearing anything that says “Juicy” on it 

Once you’re 30, it’s time to retire your “juicy” yoga pants and “baby girl” tank tops. If they still fit, then convert them into stay-at-home clothes. But if they’re way too tight now, make your way down to Good Will and let them go. A 30-something woman really shouldn’t be walking around wearing anything that says “Juicy.”

too old to wear juicy sweatpants

Some people need to learn when it’s time to let go.

9. Getting a black eye

A few years ago, it may have been cool to get into a drunken fight outside a bar. But in your 30s, getting into a public brawl is just immature. You used to be able to walk into your high school or college with a black eye and get a pat on the back. But try walking into a corporate office with a black eye and see what type of reaction you’d get.

10. Taking selfies in the bathroom mirror

Teens are notorious for taking selfies while wearing loads of makeup, fake eyelashes and duck-faced expressions. I wouldn’t put it past most 20-somethings to do the same. But as you approach 30, duck-faced selfies are embarrassing. You really want those pictures floating around for your family, friends, co-workers and boss to see? Probably not.

selfies, not cool, no friends

Now over to you. What are some ridiculous things you’ve seen 30-year-olds try to pull off? Leave me a comment with some other habits that people should really leave in their 20s.


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  1. Naah, I love wearing my juicy couture velour tracksuit pants low riding with my g-string on show…stop making me feel ashamed for it!!! x

    1. LOL I would LOVE to see a picture of that!

        • Jack on November 26, 2013 at 6:28 am
        • Reply

        It’ll cost ya…! 😉

    • Monica on January 16, 2014 at 2:01 pm
    • Reply

    I worked with a middle aged woman who had the nerve to admit she left her car home in order to save on gas. She would ride in with her husband and since their hours were different, she felt it was perfectly okay to mooch rides from people even if they weren’t going in her direction. She eventually got the nerve to ask the poor saps who didn’t have the guts to refuse if she could borrow their cars to run errands. Unbelievable!

    1. Asking people who she already mooches rides from to BORROW THEIR CARS? Wow Monica, that’s totally pushing it. I can’t believe she did that. Has she ever tried to mooch a ride off you? Or do you just try and avoid her? I can understand someone asking to borrow a friend’s car if they have an emergency and don’t have their own car, but you’d hope they’d pay for the gas. In this case, to mooch rides and use other people’s car/gas just because they’re too cheap to use their own gas… that’s so rude. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Venting is always welcome here 🙂

    • Ed on November 18, 2014 at 9:37 am
    • Reply

    I knew a guy, (I’ll call guy 1), so guy 1 ask guy 2 to borrow guy 3’s car so guy 2 can go out and get guy 1’s some lunch. Well guy 2 was young and did ask guy 3 who said no.. Anyway, what I did want to mention is that I know girls in there thirties and even late forties who still have really nice fit bodies and look hot in low rise jeans. They don’t dress in ways to show if they are wearing thongs, but they do wear low rise jeans, in an appropriate way. Their shirts are tucked in and they don’t show any skin. As an older guy I still look at them as younger girls. Just because they are over thirty doesn’t mean they should dress older. They wouldn’t look good in mom jeans. Besides, where I live you don’t see girls showing their thongs like you use to. And you never know what you’re going to see at WalMart.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. You make a good point. Women don’t need to wear mom jeans and for sure low rise jeans can be attractive when worn appropriately. Totally agree. And lol @ your Walmart comment, so true! Lol.

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