7 things that I consider a total waste of time

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1. Crawling through snowy traffic

Ever since I started driving and working, every winter I had to deal with snowy traffic. At all the companies I’ve worked for, I was never (let me repeat never) given the flexibility to work from home during snow storms… at least not without being given a hard time about it first.

If you’re a commuter, take a moment to add up all the hours you wasted sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in snowy or rainy weather. Surprised? Pissed? Either way, I’m sure it was a total waste of time.

2. Being friends with someone who’s not making the effort

There are some friends who are great at keeping in touch. There are other friends who just suck the energy out of you (constantly expecting without ever giving).Then there are those who don’t even bother. They don’t bother returning your messages, following through with plans, or showing any interest in being in your life.

Don’t waste time on those “friends.” If they don’t seem to bother, neither should you.

3. Waiting more than 20 minutes for coffee

Up until a couple of years ago, I was a regular coffee drinker. I had my favourite brews from every coffee shop and always knew the exact price of each cup. But under no circumstances was I okay with waiting more than a few minutes for a cup of coffee. It didn’t matter how good the coffee was or how far I had driven to get there.

If I was standing in line for more than 20 minutes for something that wasn’t either food or booze, I considered it a waste of time.

4. Spending 10 hours a day at an unfulfilling job

When you’re unhappy at your job, time seems to go by slower and everything feels harder. It’s not that you’re lazy, but simply unmotivated. Even worse, you constantly feel like you’re wasting your days away.

Have you ever left a meeting and thought, “I could be doing something else… something that makes me happy”? Or have you been at work and asked yourself, “Should I jab this pen in my eye… just so I can feel something”?

No? Really? Okay… moving on.

5. Dating a useless deadbeat

I originally had “who doesn’t care about you” at the end of this, but I took it out because I don’t think it really matters. Even if the useless deadbeat cares about you, if the relationship isn’t going anywhere (seeing that he’s a useless deadbeat and all) then the relationship is still a waste of time. Sorry, but it’s true.

Before I met my fiancée, I dated a couple of deadbeats, so I speak from experiences. Some of you may not want to hear this, but you’ll understand in 5 years. Stop wasting your time on them.

6. Worrying about what other people think

I used to worry about this… until one day I decided not to give a shit anymore. I’m not sure what brought me to this conclusion, except perhaps the stress that resulted from obsessing over what other people thought of me. When that stress took its toll on my health (and complexion), I made the decision to… Simply. Not. Give. A. F*ck.

And it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

7. Watching Ghost Rider 1 and 2

No need to elaborate on this. If you’ve seen the movies, you’ll know what I mean. If not, take my word for it and don’t waste your time. Awful movies.

I can see a “part 2” of this post being spawned in the near future. Let’s be frank – there are tons of things we waste our time on. For now, leave me a comment below and tell me what you’ve wasted your time on recently.



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  1. Yes I totally get number 5….had been there myself…I’m glad I have found someone who is well not a useless deadbeat. 🙂

    1. Me too sister! TOTAL waste of time. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I so need to get to that place with number six. As for number one, oh my goodness, I feel so awful about all of the hours I spend every week driving to and from work! I have tried different things to try and use the time in some way to improve my life, like trying to learn a new language from an instruction MP3, or just focusing on breathing and trying to use the time as relaxing alone time. But, none of those positive attempts have stuck and I pretty much just end up feeling icky about spending all that time just hitting gas and break peddles!

    1. I hear ya! Just make sure you have some good music in the car at least. Thanks for dropping by as always 🙂

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