8 things you shouldn’t see in the women’s bathroom

women's bathroom WTF

Not sure what inspired me to write this post. It was probably an accumulation of all the weirdness I’ve seen in public bathrooms over time. It seems people don’t know basic bathroom etiquette.  Here’s my list of things you really shouldn’t see in the women’s bathroom. What’s your list?

#1 – A man

Whether it’s a cleaning man, repair man, or a woman who looks like a man, you can’t help but be startled when you’re greeted in the women’s bathroom by a deep voice behind some facial hair.

#2 – Urine on the toilet seat

“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be neat and wipe the seat.” The fact that we have to create a sign with a not-so-cute poem to remind people of this common decency baffles me. But even with a reminder, people still don’t listen. Why?

#3 – Urine on the floor

I will never understand HOW a woman’s urine ends up on the FLOOR.  But I wrote a poem especially for this: “If you piss on the floor, be an effing lady and clean that shit up.” (Okay, so my poem doesn’t rhyme, but it gets the message across.)

#4 – Poop

Unflushed toilets aren’t cool, people.

#5 – Pubic Hair

Whether in the toilet, on the seat or on the floor, spotting a stranger’s pubic hair is always gross.

#6 – Fingernail clippings

If personal grooming must be done in a public bathroom, then at least dispose the nail clippings in the garbage. We don’t need your DNA on the counter.

#7 – Menstrual residue

Ew, ew, ew. Simply. Not. Acceptable. If you’re old enough to have a period, you’re old enough to clean up after yourself in the bathroom.

#8 – Eating in the bathroom

Is this normal? I’ve seen people bring food into the bathroom, and they’re perfectly comfortable eating in the same place where people urinate and evacuate their bowels. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s weird.

There’s my list. What would you add?



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  1. Oh my gosh, I always see little black curly hairs on the seat in the women’s bathroom at work. So gross. Then I get that song that Phoebe sang on ‘Friends’ stuck in my head. The one about little black curly hairs.

  2. LOL! Yes! I forgot about that song. “I found you in my bed, How did you wind up there? You are a mystery, Little black curly hair.” Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to subscribe and visit again 🙂

  3. Urinals. I swear I am not making this up. A former grade school in Tulsa, recently declared surplus and recycled as a district training headquarters thing, converted a men’s bathroom to a women’s bathroom by hanging a “Women” sign on the door and placing fake plants in all the urinals. This is what happens in states that refuse to fund education.

    1. lol! Wow, DEFINITELY something you shouldn’t see in the women’s bathroom! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Be sure to visit again and subscribe 🙂

    • Gracist on February 8, 2013 at 8:40 pm
    • Reply

    People pissing and talking on other cell phones at the same time. Then leaving the washroom without washing their hands.

    1. YES! Not washing their hands. That’s a good one I forgot about. I’ve seen people just splash some water around and leave. Those are the people who could be handling your food or shaking your hand later. Ew! Thanks for dropping by!

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