What’s This About?

Random Dysfunctions is simply a blog about life.

I’m just a Random Blogger ranting about life’s many dysfunctions. You know, the things that make you scratch your head and think, “WTF, seriously?” That’s the kind of crap I like to read about, write about, and encourage others to tell me about.

An ugly glimpse into my day-to-day struggles.

As a reader, you’ll get the delicious pleasure of peeking into my chaotic life. Everything from my challenges with work / life balance to stumbling through marriage – from rants about things that annoy me to goofiness I couldn’t resist sharing. Some might find my posts entertaining, others may find them offensive. Either way, I invite you to come explore what goes on in the mind of this Random Blogger.

Take a moment to explore, read, comment, and share.



  1. Natalia

    Randomly I came up at your blog and must say it’s genial! Full of nice, practical advices and catching style of writing. I suppose I’ll read it more often 😉

    1. Random Dysfunctions

      Hi Natalia, I’m so happy you randomly stumbled on my blog! And I’m glad you liked what you read. Yes, please come back anytime and feel free to leave a comment to tell me what you think. Have a good one!

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