Half the time I agree with idiots to shut them up

keep calm and don't let idiots ruin your dayIt’s true. In at least 50% of my day-to-day conversations I nod my head and smile, pretending to agree with the non-sense some people say just so they’ll shut the hell up. I’ve even walked away – mid-conversation – to avoid giving in to the near uncontrollable urge to slap them.

But is that an effective way to deal, work or interact with the less intelligent?

The other day I was talking to someone who spent about 20 minutes trying to explain to me why something was done a certain way. To spare you the boring details, let’s just say he was convinced you needed to go through all the letters in the alphabet to get from A to Z, which makes sense functionally and has been working.

But let’s say there was a new and faster way to get from A to Z that was more efficient. If the new method was quicker and just as accurate (if not more accurate), wouldn’t it make sense to adopt the new route? Why stay so dedicated to an ancient process that’s no longer efficient?

Oh right, because you’re an idiot.

Today I listened to that same person get into a yelling match with someone else about lack of efficencies and processes as an excuse for not doing his job. Seriously?! Some people just seem to get away with being an idiot, I guess.

So naturally I started wondering, how are idiots getting away with this? Why is okay for some people to stroll through life not striving to be more than an idiot? And why is our tolerance for idiots so high?

One thing I’ve learned this week – Never underestimate the stupidity of an idiot. Just when you think they’ve said the most outlandished thing, they’ll open their mouths again and more non-sense comes flowing out.


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  1. I like to say, “Stupid people shouldn’t breed.”
    Casey recently posted…Where do I start…

  2. I just interrupt with…” A storm trooper just set my car on Fire…..I have to go”….then the new xy time say the same thing in Japanese….if they don’t get the idea by then, they belong in the ultimate Dumb-Ass Hall of fame……I’m dealing with the same crap…..good luck!

  3. Being an idiot is one thing, but what makes it worse is when these people refuse to change. That’s what makes me angry to no end.

  4. I believe we have become desensitised to idiots…because there’re so many of them….


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