Driving distractions – annoying things that happen while driving

driving quote, driving to work, stuck in traffic quote, driving distractionsSince I drive on 3 different highways every day, sometimes I encounter some irritating driving distractions. Some distractions are annoying things people do on the road, and others are just random annoyances that happen to you while you’re behind the wheel.

Here are the annoying driving distractions that I chose to blog about tonight.

1. Getting an itch on your foot

Talk about distracted driving. There’s nothing worse than trying to drive a car properly with an unbearable itch on your foot… while wearing winter boots.

Okay fine. Maybe there are worse things in life, like poverty, war and natural disasters. But when it comes to driving distractions, an itchy foot you can’t scratch is definitely up there.

2. When 3 cars box you in, so you can’t change lanes

I sometimes wonder if these people are just obliviously driving in my blind spots, or if they’re purposely teaming up to ruin my day. I hate when I’m trying to get out of the slow lane or merge onto a different highway and all 3 cars around me have decided to box me in.

3. When your phone falls on the floor and slides under your seat

When the “no cell phone while driving” law first came out, I think I was one of the first to get caught using my cell phone while driving. Not my proudest moment.

Now I keep my phone on the dash with a Bluetooth nearby. Sometimes a swift turn causes my phone to fall on the floor. Next thing you know, one hand’s on the wheel while the other is feeling under my seat for my missing phone. Very annoying when your phone is ringing or when your phone is also your GPS.

road rage, driving distractions, funny picture road rage

I’m pretty sure this will be me in 50 years.

4. When the car in front of you breaks for no reason

I don’t understand drivers who feel the need to break randomly for no apparent reason. What’s also annoying is when the car in front of you is still covered in snow, which evidently blows all over your car.

5. When drivers merge on the highway ever so slowly

Not safe people! How do you expect to merge safely into 100km traffic going 60km? What’s also annoying is when people drive slowly in the fast lane. Move over!

6. Getting a leg cramp while sitting in traffic

This is another annoying thing that happens while driving. After a long day of sitting at my desk and then sitting in traffic, my leg sometimes cramps up while I’m behind the wheel. Probably not as annoying as an itchy foot, but pretty close.

7. Fixating on a smushed bug on the windshield

When a smushed bug won’t wipe away no matter how many times you turn on your wipers, it seems all you can see for your entire drive is that splotch of bug guts on your windshield.

So now over to all the commuters out there – what are your driving distractions? Tell me some of the annoying things that happen to you while you’re behind the wheel.

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    • Blackout on March 27, 2013 at 6:39 am
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    Rubbernecking is up there. Nothing worse than sitting in traffic only to find out the accident or “thing of interest” is on the other side of the hwy! Don’t understand why people need to brake in order to watch what is happening on the other side of the road, just turn, look, and keep going! It’s also equally as bad when the action is on the same side as you and all it is is a blown tire, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, KEEP GOING!

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