Annoying things people do in restaurants

annoying people quotes, quotes about annoying people, some people need a high five in the face with a chairEver been surrounded by annoying people in a restaurant? Maybe there was a difficult customer at another table, or perhaps that difficult customer was sitting at your table. Or maybe your waiter or waitress did something annoying.

Regardless – I think we’ve all spent enough time at restaurants to notice some seriously annoying things people do.

People who get too excited in the buffet line

These are the people who load up on the honey garlic chicken, but only eat 1 or 2 pieces. Then they leave their full plate on the table to get more food. Meanwhile the waiter is forced to throw out all those leftovers. What a waste!

People who order too much all-you-can-eat sushi 

Sushi with a big group is great for the company, but not so great if you’re with someone who orders more than they can finish. Everyone else usually has to unbuckle their belts to make room for that extra food. What’s even worse is when this person orders things like mushroom roll (who goes to all-you-can-eat sushi and orders mushroom roll?!)

People who “pretend” to forget their wallet when the bill comes

We all have that one friend who loves to go out for dinner, but perpetually “forgets their wallet” or “doesn’t have cash on them” … which is only revealed when the bill comes.

People who order the most expensive item but suggest we “split the bill”

This happened to me on a date. A first date! I ordered a soup and salad with water, while he ordered a full dinner and a few beers. When the bill came, he suggested we split it leaving me to pay for most of his meal. Yup. Never saw him again.

People who think they can create their own menu item

These are the people who ask if they can substitute fries for meatloaf, salad for salmon and if the chef can “whip up” a julienne salad even though it’s not on the menu. Seriously people? Seriously!

People who don’t wear deodorant

People who don’t practice basic hygiene are annoying in general. But it’s even grosser when you’re trying to enjoy a meal. Nothing’s worse than tasting your garlic butter chicken along with a hint of some dude’s BO. Yuck.

People who ask about “gluten free”

This is especially annoying if you’re in a restaurant where you know everything on their menu has gluten!  Let me just clarify here. I’m not dissing people who really have an allergy to gluten, but people who ask for “gluten free” dishes because they think it sounds cool.

People who take (way too many) pictures of their food

A picture to admire the presentation of your dish is one thing. But several shots of your appetizer, entrée, dessert and glass of water is too much. It’s pretty distracting when you’re trying to eat and you’re occasionally hit with camera flashes. Don’t be the paparazzi to your food.

Restaurants that can’t do separate bills

This last one isn’t related to the annoying people you’re eating around, but the annoyance caused by restaurants that refuse to do separate bills – especially for large groups. Imagine trying to divide a large bill among a group, some with debit, credit and cash? Now imagine how annoying it is when everyone at the table is bad at math? Enough said.

That’s it for my list. What would you add?

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    • Craig on May 25, 2013 at 2:48 pm
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    Parents who ignore their screaming/crying baby. I’m sorry your child won’t shut it but don’t let your kid ruin everyone else’s dinner with their nonstop noise. If we wanted to listen to screaming we would go to Chuck Cheese. Leave the kid or shut it up.

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