Bad friends are like paper cuts

bad friends quotes, quotes about bad friendsOver the past year, I’ve learned a lot about true friendships vs temporary acquaintances. A true friend is an extension of your family; this person is a recurring character in your life story. But an acquaintance is just a temporary character who makes an appearance here and there. They show up randomly, aren’t involved in any meaningful moments, and could disappear at the drop of a hat and you wouldn’t notice it.

In life, you’ll learn who your true friends are while simultaneously discovering those bad friends who really don’t care about you. Here are those I would consider bad friends. What would you add?

Friends who only call you when they need something

A ride, a place to crash, or to borrow money. We all have friends that only call or text when they need something from us. And their random out-of-the-blue calls are so insincere making it obvious they’re calling for purely selfish reasons.

Friends who only call you when they’re fighting with their boyfriends

They’ll call you for a spur-of-the-moment “girls night out” which usually consists of bitching about how horrible their boyfriends are. But when everything is going well with their jerk boyfriends, they act like a jerk to you. Don’t expect to hear from them again until their next relationship blowout.

Friends who only call you when they want to get drunk

These are fun people to be around, the life of the party. But since they only call you when they want to get hammered, your conversations are often superficial. You don’t have anything in common with them other than alcohol. Want to discover who these friends are? Try and have a sober conversation with them and see how it goes.

Friends who get jealous over your successes

These are the friends who are cool with you until the moment you get engaged, married, pregnant or a promotion before them. Though they openly congratulate you, they’re also secretly wishing you fail at your newest endeavour. It’s obvious in their demeanor toward you the moment you announce your good news.

Friends who drain your energy because they constantly need reassurance

We all have friends who always call to get advice or to be reassured. For me, these friendships become draining when they constantly ask for advice but never take it. Then they complain that the problem just won’t go away. So they suck up more of your time and energy bitching about the same problems they refuse to do anything to fix.

Friends who are two-faced

These are friends who act like your biggest supporter to your face, but then talk badly about you behind your back. We’ve all had a two-faced friend at some point. If you have one in your life now, turn the other way.

Friends who only want to hear a certain viewpoint

I used to have a couple of friends like this. They come to you needing advice, but don’t want to hear anything that shines light on their faults. Don’t bother trying to reason with them. They refuse to listen to any sort of reason or logic. They just want you to tell them what they want to hear.

Side note: Granted this post is a bit of a rant, but I do appreciate great friendships that are both enjoyable and rejuvenating. But tonight is about ranting. Now over to you… what would you add to this list?

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