My challenges with work life balance

challenges with work life balance, modern woman, work life balanceLately, I’ve been having major challenges with work life balance and feeling really burned out.

I’ve been blogging about my streak of crappy weeks, and as much as I like to use sarcasm as a defense mechanism, part of me realizes I need to get to the root of what’s really bothering me in order to conquer it.

Thanks to the Internet (which can be both a blessing and a curse), I’ve self-diagnosed myself with just about every physical and psychological ailment that could be responsible for my fatigue, exhaustion, unpredictable appetite, mood swings and occasional insomnia. But until I pay my doctor a visit, I have no idea what the issues really are.

What I am certain about right now is that I have some serious challenges with work life balance.

I go through phases where I’m a super workaholic by day and a super wife by night. Then everything comes crashing down after a few consecutively bad days. Next thing you know, the week’s a write-off and I’m counting down the hours till the weekend.

That’s right, hours.

Why do workaholics have challenges with work life balance?

The blog post probably won’t have all the answers. But it will hopefully point out some hidden landmines that could be causing your challenges with work life balance. And for me, at least right now, recognizing those landmines is where I need to start.

Always making excuses of why I can’t leave on time

I am notorious for committing that I’ll come home on time only to walk in the door after 7 pm. And every time I do, there’s always an excuse like, “I needed to finish this brief before I left” or “I had to get that off my list, so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.”

Always afraid to push back deadlines

I’ve always been hesitant to push back work and deadlines just to keep others from developing a negative perception of me. And of course, I always justify it with this excuse, “Well, if I don’t do it, who else is going to?”

Never willing to speak up about my struggles

For some reason I tend to bottle up all my anxieties. I don’t know where this “suffer in silence” habit came from, but it’s not good and I need to learn to speak up. Sadly, I’m intelligent enough to know this, yet not brave enough to actually do it.

Not willing to admit my lifestyle isn’t sustainable

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say to me, “Your lifestyle isn’t sustainable.” As much as I believe this to be true, I can’t seem to conjure up a plan to get out of this rocky, ready-to-crack way of life.

Always assuming there’ll be a tomorrow

The scary reality is there may not always be a second chance. Every day that goes by takes us one day closer to the end. And lately (at least in my world), every day I let go by where I’m full of anxiety and stress is a missed opportunity to enjoy my family and loved ones.

I stumbled upon this quote recently, which is so true:

work life balance quote

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