What has changing my name really changed?

hello my name isI’ve finally finished the last steps of changing my name after marriage. I didn’t do a legal name change; I just assumed my husband’s name. But still – the process of changing all my ID, important documents, and accounts was a huge pain in the ass. It took almost a year, but I’m finally done!

Why did I decide to do it?

When we got married in April, I asked Craig if he wanted me to take his last name. He said he would like if I did, but didn’t mind if I didn’t. I liked his last name so I thought, “Meh, why not?”

Two months after we tied the knot, I went down to Service Ontario to change my license and health card. After 45 minutes in line and filling out a quick form, boom, I became Mrs. New Name. That’s it, I’m done now, right? Not even close!

According to Google, apparently I had a bunch of other documents and accounts I needed to change. Slightly overwhelmed, I said, “Screw this shit” and put it on the backburner for a couple of months.

Then a few weeks ago, I decided to stop procrastinating and just get it over with. (I’m romantic like that.)

I took my marriage certificate on a journey around the city and changed everything… bank accounts, credit cards, CRA, memberships, cell phone, cable, etc. etc. etc. When I finally finished, I felt so accomplished, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

So what has changing my name really changed?

Well, in terms of our marriage, nothing. We don’t plan on having any children, so it wasn’t about standardizing our family name. MAYBE it’ll make travelling easier, although we’ve never encountered issues before. So all in all, nothing big has changed, but I have recognized a few small changes.

I traded in my 2-letter last name (that’s right, 2 letters!) for 8 letters.

This means my signature went from being a quick scribble to a long and awkward doodle. Something resembling either a third grader learning to cursive write, or an elderly man coping with arthritis. I guess practice makes perfect.

A longer last name means it’s harder for people to pronounce it.

Let me clarify that there’s nothing particularly difficult about my new last name. Yet I’ve already been mistakenly called “Mrs. Burritto” by a random girl at the mobile store. A few of the same letters, but still very, very wrong.

Being “Mrs. His-Last-Name” now means I can be mistaken for my mother-in-law.

Oh god… I think it’s every woman’s worst nightmare to be confused with her mother-in-law. And now it’s possible for me. After all, we both put the same title and last name down on forms and shit.

Everyone’s different and to some people, changing their last name might be an important decision in their marriage. For us, it changed very little. I guess I did it because nothing else in our relationship was “traditional,” so maybe this could be the one and only thing I do that’s traditional.

Again, I’m romantic like that.


    • michelle on February 12, 2014 at 4:20 am
    • Reply

    Bwahahahaha….. I highly doubt you will ever be mistaken for your mother – in – law.

    1. lol thanks, hopefully it’s only by name that we could be mistaken for each other. But you never know…

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