What does the end of summer remind you of?

August hasn’t been a very productive month for blogging. The combination of being slammed at work, trying to enjoy the last month of summer, and this cold I’ve been fighting off has kept my attention focused elsewhere.

I feel like I blinked and September showed up. I seem to have mixed feelings about this time of year – feelings that probably stem from all my past September memories. What does the end of summer remind you of?

When I was young, the end of summer meant…

Back to school shopping, pulling out the fall jackets, and coping with the nervousness of the first day of school.

As a teenager, I associated the end of summer with all of the above minus the nervousness. Instead, that was replaced by the excitement of seeing my friends again and the thrill of meeting new boys. (Yes, sadly I was one of those girls in high school.)

end of summer quote, in every girl's life quotes, quotes about relationshipsIn my late teens, the end of summer reminded me of…

The end of a relationship that I didn’t handle very well. And when I say “I didn’t handle it well,” I mean I kept a calm composure among our circle of friends, but mentally I murdered his ass 3 times in 3 very gruesome ways.

Our summer fling was short lived, but he gave me all the butterfly feelings you hear about in those cheeseball love songs. Then out of the blue, he went back to his ex-girlfriend, which I learned after seeing them make out on the beach. So for a little while, September reminded me of him.

In my early 20s, September made me think of…

New beginnings, starting college, meeting new people, forgetting about that summer fling, and being on the cusp of young adulthood.

Then for 5 years, September reminded me of conventions.

At my old company, September was the busiest time of the year, preparing for our annual convention. I associated the end of summer with late nights at the office, racing print deadlines, and sleeping with my phone on my chest just so I can hear when an email arrived in my inbox. It was exhausting.

Now the start of September is when I try to remember my husband’s birthday.

Just kidding, I know when his birthday is… I think.

Every year when this month rolls around, I can’t help but think back to all those feelings September gave me. Funny how life experiences can tattoo certain seasons and emotions with memories you bury in your mind.

Anyways, what does the end of summer remind you of?

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