Oct 12 2013

What happens when a flighty Gemini collides with a structured Virgo

quote about geminis, quote about gemini, gemini quotes, gemini twin quotes, quotes about gemini twinsLife at our house is never dull. Between the nutty things I say and my over-exaggeration of everything (which make him shake his head and question why he married me), our home is never short of laughter.

I’m big on personality assessment and understanding why people possess certain traits. And this led me to explore how astrology may play a role in personality. I bought a book called “Everyday Astrology: How to Make Astrology Work for You.”

According to the book, Geminis are mutable air signs ruled by Mercury. They’re in constant and rapid motion, and their minds are always moving at the speed of light while their bodies are straining to catch up.

In relationships, they love to laugh, are highly communicative, and crave intellectual stimuli. Strengths: independent, sparkling, exciting. Weaknesses: unpredictable, abrupt, unreliable.

So THAT’S why I’m so flaky

Like Gemini, Virgo is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, but its element is earth. Virgos are well grounded, practical thinkers capable of bringing structure to the lives of those around them. In a relationship, Virgos are logical, analytical, and perfectionists. Strengths: structured, reliable, hard working. Weaknesses: tight, unyielding, critical.

So what’s it like when these worlds collide?

Well, the two signs are similar enough to keep each other communicably engaged, but opposite enough to complement each other’s weaknesses.

Home and day-to-day life

Maintenance is not my strongpoint. I tend to look at household tasks as meaningless drudgery. So I use as little pots, pans and dishes as possible to minimize clean-up. I won’t step into the guestroom or put anything out of place, just so I don’t have to clean it later. In my eyes, my husband appears to lax in cleaning up his work and living space. But areas that may seem sloppy are, in fact, arranged according to some strange Virgo logic, recognized by only him.

Travelling together

My husband makes travelling easy since he takes care of every detail from tickets and reservations to snacks and refreshments. This is great considering it’s hard for me to A) remember where we’re going and when to be ready; B) actually show up, packed and on time. Even though I’m a little flaky, I can keep him entertained during the trip.

Managing our money

It’s no surprise that he takes care of our finances. Creating a budget and following it is his strong suit. He’s great at cutting corners, finding bargains and saving up. Although I may not be as budget-minded, I can definitely stretch a dollar. He organizes our bills in an Excel. I automate everything so I don’t have to remember. He’s aware of every income and expense. I can barely add and subtract.

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This is seriously how I solve math problems.

Engaging in conversation

My husband has learned that although I may acknowledge his words with a nod or an “uh huh,” it doesn’t mean I’m actually listening. If the topic doesn’t interest me or rubs me the wrong way, I tend to change the subject. BUT when it’s time for me to talk, I can go on and on (and on!) sharing every detail to fully paint the picture for him. Meanwhile, he prefers to discuss specific points rather than just ramblings.

Having an argument

There’s always a chance that a Gemini can turn a discussion into a contentious argument. But a Virgo will use logic to punch holes into any argument. In order for things to “work,” my husband usually has to bite his tongue and let me speak my piece. When I finally (and begrudgingly) admit that I was wrong on a subject (which could take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour), this is his first indication that I’ve finally heard his point of view.

His logic keeps me grounded, while my silliness keeps him amused

A Gemini-Virgo relationship definitely keeps both of us on our toes. I’d like to think that since getting together, I’ve brought some child-like fun into his life, allowing him to let loose and be silly. Having him in my life has taught me what society deems as inappropriate and how to act “normal” around people.

This is my first Virgo relationship, and by far the most successful (at least I hope so, I married the guy!). Here’s another description I read about a Gemini woman and Virgo man.

“A Virgo man makes a wonderful partner for any lady. He provides her with pure love and a life that is well organized and well managed, so she has nothing to actually worry about. Meanwhile, a Gemini woman gives her Virgo man much needed excitement and stimulation. She can go from Miss Happy-Go-Lucky to a total wreck… and then turn around and engage in intellectual conversation. A Virgo man provides his Gemini woman with the stability she needs, even if she feels she doesn’t need it.”

Honestly, I couldn’t describe our relationship any better.

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