I googled what a Goan & Viet baby would look like… and I’m scared

quotes about getting old, friends having kids on purposeWhen we first got engaged, we were inundated with these questions:

  • Did you set a date?
  • When’s the big day?
  • Are you planning a big wedding?
  • When will we get our invitations?
  • Can’t wait for the wedding!

We got so annoyed that we eloped.

Now that we’re married, it seems the questions we get asked now are:

  • When’s the baby coming?
  • Are you going to have a baby soon?
  • How many kids do you want?
  • Can’t wait till you guys start having babies!

Seriously? What the F did we sign up for?

We got married because we wanted to; we did it our way and on our terms. Best decision ever. But the idea of having kids just isn’t something we’re putting much thought into.

On Friday night, we saw our circle of friends, many of whom have had babies recently. And they candidly shared the horrors of labour. Things like the “ring of fire,” pushing out poop, and the *stuff* that comes out after the baby – have officially scarred us for life.

On Saturday, we went to a family party where I chatted with a soon-to-be mom about her challenging pregnancy. Puking every day, not sleeping, and being uncomfortable all the time turned me off the idea of pregnancy.

On Sunday, I was browsing through Facebook and noticed one of my friends shared a photo from a page called Mixed Raced Babies. (There is seriously a Facebook page for everything!) As the name implies, this page is dedicated to sharing photos of beautiful mixed babies. (It’s really not as weird as it sounds… or is it?)

Out of curiosity, I browsed the page to find one that could resemble what our baby would look like, if we ever dared to have one. With no luck, I decided to Google “goan and vietnamese baby” and found this:



Wait for it…








googled goan and vietnamese baby

Baby Vietnamese pigs in Goa was all Google could show me.

I’m going to take this as a serious sign NEVER to have a baby.


  1. This was seriously funny! Erson (Filipino) and I (Goan) went to some fair and they took a picture of the both of us and then morphed us into a baby. AHHHHH, it was the scariest thing ever. My mom actually hung it on her fridge before we had kids of our own. Fortunately, my girls don’t look like “it”…phew!

    1. LOL, that’s hilarious! I don’t know any other Vietnamese and Goan couples, so it’s not like we can compare. Google it was. It was just such a surprise that the second search result I’d find was of a pair of pigs lol.

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