How a working girl knows she’s got a good man

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I’m no relationship expert. Before I met my fiancée, I was the poster child for relationship screw-ups. Read about my dating past here.

However, I’ve been in a happy common-law-riage for over 2 years now. That may not seem like long, but when you live together, 2 years can seem like 12 years (in a good way in our case).

After years of dating useless dumbasses and guys that just weren’t right for me, I’ve learned how to recognize when you’ve got a good man. This is especially important if you’re a career woman and need advice finding a good man who understands the special attention that comes with dating a workaholic.

Working girls, here’s how you know you’ve got a keeper:

1. His first words to you after 5pm aren’t “Hi honey, what’s for dinner?”

I’m not very domestic. In fact, I once burned chicken nuggets. (Yes, I managed to transform frozen chicken nuggets into little pieces of rubber… in the toaster oven.) So being a house-wife isn’t something I’m familiar with, though I’m not totally opposed to learning more about.

How I know I’ve got a good man is he respects my career and understands how demanding it can be. So he doesn’t expect me to switch from super workaholic to super wife as soon as I walk in the door.

2. He does chores that he knows you hate

Folding the laundry isn’t my favourite task. I  find it tedious and annoying. Since he knows laundry isn’t among my top favourite things to do, he picks it up for me. That’s a sign of a great guy!

3. He doesn’t care if you don’t text him during the day

A working girl’s typical day can be full of meetings, emails, errands and chaos. Sometimes she doesn’t have time to respond to any of her messages. A good man won’t care if his text messages are met with silence.

4. He lets you rant, cry and act deliriously after something bad happens

There are days I come home and all I want to do is scream and throw things. Other days, I want to break down and cry. And some days are just so effed up that I can’t do anything but sing like an American Idol reject and act like a loony bin escapee. A good man listens, smiles and lets you play out whatever insane rant that helps you get past an insane day.

5. He massages your shoulders just ‘cause

Ladies, you know you’ve got a keeper when he massages your neck, shoulders, back or feet after a rough day. The best part is he does it without you asking, and he does it while expecting nothing in return.

6. He makes you a hard drink after a hard day

More often than not, a full-time workaholic is also a part-time alcoholic. A good man supports a working woman’s need for moderate intoxication from time to time. In fact, he’ll pour you a tall glass of wine or mix you the perfect combination of liquor, ice and some sort of colour enhancing ingredient the moment you walk in the door.

7. He carries you to bed when you’ve clearly drank too much

One drink after work can turn into 2 drinks for fun, and then “what the hell, let’s make it 3 since I’m already drunk.” Next thing you know, you’re just a hot mess lying on the couch wishing it was Saturday and not Tuesday.

Ladies, if your man carries your drunk ass to bed, tucks you in, kisses you on the forehead, and still thinks you’re the best thing that happened to him… MARRY HIM!

(I’ll give you a moment to say, “aww.”)

Now I’m asking all my fellow working girls to share your opinions. Whether you’re attached, unattached or “it’s complicated” – tell me what you think a workaholic girl needs in a man? Leave me a comment.


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