Office Space in the real world – admit it, similar shit’s happened to you

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Last weekend I watched the Office Space movie, a film set in the late 90s about 3 working guys who downright hate their jobs. If you’ve ever been stuck in a stuffy cubicle reporting to 8 bosses who nag you about your company’s version of TPS reports, this is a must-watch-again movie.

Sure, the movie is a slight over exaggeration of what an office is really like. But there are definitely some elements that office workers can relate to.

Here are some of my favourite Office Space movie moments and how they resemble real world examples of work related stress.

When Lumbergh says to Peter, “Yeah… I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in this weekend… mmkay?”

Real world example: “I know it’s Friday afternoon, but there are a few urgent projects and proposals I need on my desk first thing Monday morning.”

When Initech brings consultants in to help the company assess its “efficiency.”

Real world example: When executive management has an offsite meeting or lock themselves in a boardroom discussing how they can “do more with less.”

When Milton is forced to move his desk for the umpteenth time, and finally to the basement.

Real world example: When you keep getting moved from one department to another because no one knows what to do with you. But because you’re so die-hard, they’re hesitant to fire you (yet).

When Lumbergh takes Milton’s stapler.

Real world example: When a toxic environment sucks the life, joy and motivation out of you.

When Joanna’s boss makes her wear 15 pieces of “flare” at the restaurant.

Real world example: When your boss makes you read “The Oz Principle” so you become inspired to work harder.

When Joanna flipped off her boss in front of the customers.

Real world example: What many of you wish you could do to your boss, but will never have the balls to.

When Peter, Michael and Samir take a printer to an open field and beat it with a baseball bat.

Real world example: What many of you want to do to your computers, laptops, phones (and sometimes people).

When Milton burns down the office.

Real world example: What could happen if you piss off the wrong guy.

I’ll leave you with this. My favourite quote of the movie was said when Peter was in his career therapy:

“So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s the worst day of my life.”

Too funny.

What’s also amusing is the “case of the Mondays” scene. Remember that?


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    • JM on February 11, 2013 at 10:59 am
    • Reply

    I’m living this right now. I’m working at a company with a name that sounds suspiciously like “Penetrobe” or “Initech.” I don’t even have the motiviation to set the building on fire.

    1. Sounds like major de-motivation. My last place was like that. Didn’t have the energy to do anything but sulk. Not good to be unhappy at your job, my friend. Maybe it’s time to do something about it? Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

  1. Hahahahah

    Office spaces can either be toxic or motivating. It all depends on the people in the office and the chemistry they have.
    I think professionalism is really important in the work place. It keeps a good atomosphere. Breaking the routine is also good. Not to get trapped in routine. And actually take a minute to truly enjoy your work.

    Setting new goals all the time. If you already achieved some of them.

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