What changes when you start living together? Oh about everything

living together, living together before marriage, couples living together

After 3 weeks of marriage, people ask me: “So how does it feel to be a married woman?” My response: “The same… except now I get half his stuff and it’ll cost him money to leave me.” Really, nothing’s changed. We lived together for a year and a half before we got married, so everything …

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Stressed out? Laugh a little with these funny stress quotes

stress quote, work stress

Coping with stress can be pretty crappy. One thing I appreciate is coming across stress quotes that I can relate to. These are the quotes that you read and think, “Damn, that’s so true… Sad. But true.” Dealing with workplace stress can be especially frustrating, as is dealing with relationship challenges, family drama or stress …

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Writing my wedding vows – learning the true meaning of vows

wedding vows quote, funny wedding vows quotes

Writing my wedding vows was the one detail I left till the last minute. I just assumed the writer in me would kick in and the perfect words would spill out the moment I sat down to write them. Wrong. So very wrong. When I tried writing my wedding vows on my phone a couple …

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Farting in a relationship – “I love you even though you fart”

i love you even though you fart, quotes about farting and relationships

When we were in Costa Rica with our best friends, we had a conversation about funny things that happen in relationships, including farting in front of your significant other. Is it okay to fart in a relationship? How would you react if fart noises accidentally slipped out with your significant other in the room? Would …

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Funny friendship quotes that I just had to share

funny friendship quote, funny quotes about friendship and poop

I’ve really been touched by all the support I’ve received from my friends. Call me crazy, but I think our secret wedding has softened my dark and stone cold heart a little. Now I’m all of a sudden… emotional. (What the hell?) Last week, my childhood best friend gave me away to marry my life-long …

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Photos from our wedding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wedding, our wedding, our elopement

Thank you everyone for your kind words. We weren’t sure how people would react to our elopement announcement, so we were incredibly touched when the response was overwhelmingly positive. After sneaking away to enjoy our secret Costa Rica wedding, we’re back home now. But Craig and I aren’t done celebrating just yet. Here are some …

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Surprise, we eloped! Read our elopement announcement

elopement announcement

That’s right. This is our elopement announcement! I can hear my friends reading this and saying, “That’s so Jo!” And they’re right. This elopement announcement screams “We’re married, y’all.” On April 4, 2013 Craig and I tied the knot in a VERY intimate elopement ceremony in Costa Rica. We’re staying at the luxurious Riu Palace …

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Hard work doesn’t always go unnoticed

ask for a raise, asking for a raise, reward comes after hard work

In the past, I’ve written and joked about being a die-hard workaholic and no one noticing it – like pissing in the wind. But I’ve learned recently that hard work and dedication don’t always go unnoticed. People may not tell you every day, “I appreciate your hard work.” But if you’re a truly dedicated employee, …

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Important life skills everyone should learn

life quotes, inspiring life quotes, life skills, important life skills

Lately, I’ve been reading blogs about improving your life and practicing some balance. Most of my readings covered topics like choosing to be happy and making time for your personal goals. These readings inspired me to write a post that focused more on actionable life skills to not only live better, but live smarter. Life …

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Driving distractions – annoying things that happen while driving

road rage, driving distractions, funny picture road rage

Since I drive on 3 different highways every day, sometimes I encounter some irritating driving distractions. Some distractions are annoying things people do on the road, and others are just random annoyances that happen to you while you’re behind the wheel. Here are the annoying driving distractions that I chose to blog about tonight. 1. …

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Is it sexy or creepy when a dude buys lingerie for a woman?

buying lingerie, men buying lingerie for women, buy lingerie

Blog poll: leave me a comment below. A few weeks ago, I was shopping with my best friend and walked into La Senza to check out their sale. As I do every time La Senza has a sale, I was browsing through the A cup bin. (Unfortunately I’ve been cursed with Asian breasts, so I’ve …

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Do you have these workaholic symptoms?

workaholic, work badge, my name is workaholic

My name is Joanne and I’m a workaholic. Are you working too hard or spending late hours at the office? Have others accused you of working too much?  Here are some symptoms that showed me I had an addiction to work. Some of these were pretty daunting to admit. Symptom 1: You set unreasonable goals for …

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Confessions of a sellout (aka workaholic)

workaholic, work addiction, career addiction, career woman

These are the confessions from someone who is arguably addicted to her career. I call this post “Confessions of a sellout – I mean career woman – also known as a workaholic.” And this blog post will also explain why I’ve been MIA lately. I started this year with one goal in mind. This would be …

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Resume do’s and don’ts – Some useful resume tips and advice

resume writing tips, resume tips, resume advice, resumes, cover letters

When I graduated high school, I took a brief course on resume writing, which offered basic resume tips. Then in my last year of college, I took a similar course, which provided more professional resume advice, as well as how to write a cover letter and assemble a portfolio. Since these courses were mandatory at …

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The benefits of living together before marriage

living together before marriage, couples living together, quotes about living together

Common-law marriages are quickly becoming the common alternative to marriage in this day and age. Since common-law couples are entitled to the same rights as married couples, why not opt for the less traditional approach to married life? Okay fine. For those of you who prefer being legally married, can we at least agree that …

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How to deal with workplace stress

stress quote, quotes about stress, workplace stress, stress at work

Workplace stress is nothing new to me or anyone else who has a job for that matter. For some people, stress from work is an occasional occurrence.  For a workaholic, stress at work is just a normal day at the office. There are a number of things that can lead to workplace stress: Unreasonable deadlines …

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Valen-what-day? Why I think Valentine’s Day is stupid

roses are red poem

Some would say the me that existed a couple years ago was pretty cynical, not just about Valentine’s Day but about love, commitment, and feelings in general. Truth be told, I wasn’t fond of relationships, romance, hugging or anything that could be considered warm human interaction. Fast-forward 2 years, and I’m a changed woman… sort …

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Weird conversations between me and my fiancée (part 1)

You are honestly the weirdest person I know. But that's why we are meant for each other.

Anyone who knows us would probably agree that he’s the sane one who keeps me grounded, while I’m the psycho who talks aimlessly with no filter. I blame it on the writer side of me. If I don’t say the things that immediately pop into my head, I’ll probably forget them (which he would argue …

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7 things that I consider a total waste of time

waste of time quote, quote about wasting time, life is short quote

1. Crawling through snowy traffic Ever since I started driving and working, every winter I had to deal with snowy traffic. At all the companies I’ve worked for, I was never (let me repeat never) given the flexibility to work from home during snow storms… at least not without being given a hard time …

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Only in Toronto… How a morning of errands can turn into hell

Take it one day at a time, one day at a time quote, several days attach me at once quote

When people hear about the crazy things that happen to downtown newbs, they often roll their eyes and echo “only in Toronto.” Things like crowded streets, impossible parking, and construction areas are normal for travelling downtown. But “apparently” so is being greeted with spit on your windshield (ew!), the middle finger from a total stranger …

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