Signs you might be a control freak

funny control freak quotesI’ve been called a perfectionist by just about everyone I know… my husband, friends, co-workers and anyone who’s ever had to deal with me. Some people jokingly say I have OCD. Others call me a control freak, and they’re probably right.

Do you sometimes wonder if you might be a control freak too? Here are some signs that I can share:

You have a certain way of keeping things organized

Your work space, office, living area, and anywhere you spend a lot of time is organized to the tee. Control freaks aren’t always neat freaks. So even though your work or living area may not be spotless, it’s organized to you.

You think others could benefit by your organization

Not only do you keep your things in order, but you’re always trying to impart your organizational wisdom onto others. After all, their lives would be much more efficient if only they were more organized, right?

You take over the planning of parties and events

Decorations, invitations, food, gifts, RSVPs… You’re all over it! People tend to rely on you to organize their group events and parties. And you love taking on those challenges because you get to be the boss.

You have a hard time trusting others with big responsibilities

Whether you’re working on a group assignment in school, a project at work or planning a social event with friends, you have a difficult time sharing responsibilities with others. In your mind, they’re not as organized as you and can’t do the job as well as you.

You tend to take on more than you can handle

This is because you have a hard time delegating work to others. You think you’re the only one who can do it right, so you take everything on yourself. Next thing you know, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

You tend to resist change or find it difficult to adjust to it

Control freaks usually don’t like any kind of change, unless it’s change that they’ve implemented. But any changes that others try to enforce are usually hard for you to deal with.

control freak quoteYou’re a perfectionist (or maybe one in denial)

Whether or not you want to believe it, you feel like every project has to be perfect. You won’t settle for anything less. In fact, you’d rather scratch everything and start over than have a final product that’s less than perfect.

You get really annoyed when you don’t feel in control

When circumstances change and your plans get derailed, you have moments of panic. You freak out inside while you try to get your ducks back in order. Not being in control drives you absolutely crazy.

So folks, what’s the verdict? Are you a control freak or not?

If not, then you probably know a control freak. We’re everywhere!

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