Some people need a lesson in email etiquette

Email-EtiquettesWhen it comes to my inbox, like many others, I am often flooded with countless of unread emails. Coming back to the office after a vacation or long weekend usually results in at least a couple of hours of reading emails, prioritizing and then responding. What annoys me is when my inbox is full of senseless emails that really shouldn’t be there. Some people need to learn basic email etiquette.

Here are some of my email pet peeves. What are yours?

When people hit Reply All just to say “thank you”

Not everyone on the email needs to know that you’re polite, okay? Either just thank the person privately, or assume they know you’re appreciative. For me personally, I don’t care for a thank-you (unless it comes from my boss – which is nice to receive once in a while).

When people reply just to say “your welcome”

Or “your most welcome” as I’m used to hearing. Definitely not necessary! When someone thanks you for something, you don’t need to tell them you’re happy (or willing) to do it. Let’s stop cluttering people’s inboxes with useless acknowledgements.

When people CC the world for no good reason

This is just mean. It’s mean to those on the email who have to action the items, especially if the email is related to an issue or problem that occurred. And it’s mean to the executives who really don’t have time to read these pointless emails. Executives just need to know that the issue has been resolved, not all the back and forth dialogue leading up to the resolution.

When people send emails on weekends to look good

As someone who occasionally works on the weekends, I’ll try to address this sensibly. It’s one thing to work on weekends to get caught up (or get ahead) for Monday. But it’s another thing to log in just to reply to a couple of emails (ie: those addressed to senior executives) to appear as if they’re working on weekends. Don’t pretend. You know who you are.

When people forward you pictures or quotes they think are funny

Seriously people, most of us don’t have time for that crap. Do some work.

What are your email pet peeves?


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  1. Arghhh, point #3 irks me like crazy! Cannot stand when you’re cc’d just because and when someone feels the need to cc the entire office to prove they’re doing some ‘work’.

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