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Half the time I agree with idiots to shut them up

keep calm and don't let idiots ruin your day

It’s true. In at least 50% of my day-to-day conversations I nod my head and smile, pretending to agree with the non-sense some people say just so they’ll shut the hell up. I’ve even walked away – mid-conversation – to avoid giving in to the near uncontrollable urge to slap them. But is that an …

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Clear signs that you’ve “checked out” at work

checked out of your job, quit your job, say goodbye,

This week, I learned about a co-worker having drinks with a recruiter; friends drafting their resignation letters; and a long time well-respected colleague quitting. Sometimes we reach a point where we’re “done” with a job. It can be on good terms like we’ve achieved all that we can, need to move on to bigger opportunities, …

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What should I do after a hard week?

life quote, motivation quote, hard week quotes

I usually don’t write these types of “dear diary” blog posts, but this week calls for one. I’m not sure if it’s because work has been super busy, or if it’s because I’ve gotten my yearly reminder that I’m getting old, or simply because I’m a Gemini woman, but I’ve been feeling very “off” lately. …

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Signs you might be a control freak

funny control freak quotes

I’ve been called a perfectionist by just about everyone I know… my husband, friends, co-workers and anyone who’s ever had to deal with me. Some people jokingly say I have OCD. Others call me a control freak, and they’re probably right. Do you sometimes wonder if you might be a control freak too? Here are some signs …

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Stressed out? Laugh a little with these funny stress quotes

stress quote, work stress

Coping with stress can be pretty crappy. One thing I appreciate is coming across stress quotes that I can relate to. These are the quotes that you read and think, “Damn, that’s so true… Sad. But true.” Dealing with workplace stress can be especially frustrating, as is dealing with relationship challenges, family drama or stress …

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Do you have these workaholic symptoms?

workaholic, work badge, my name is workaholic

My name is Joanne and I’m a workaholic. Are you working too hard or spending late hours at the office? Have others accused you of working too much?  Here are some symptoms that showed me I had an addiction to work. Some of these were pretty daunting to admit. Symptom 1: You set unreasonable goals for …

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How to deal with workplace stress

stress quote, quotes about stress, workplace stress, stress at work

Workplace stress is nothing new to me or anyone else who has a job for that matter. For some people, stress from work is an occasional occurrence.  For a workaholic, stress at work is just a normal day at the office. There are a number of things that can lead to workplace stress: Unreasonable deadlines …

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7 things that I consider a total waste of time

waste of time quote, quote about wasting time, life is short quote

1. Crawling through snowy traffic Ever since I started driving and working, every winter I had to deal with snowy traffic. At all the companies I’ve worked for, I was never (let me repeat never) given the flexibility to work from home during snow storms… at least not without being given a hard time …

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Only in Toronto… How a morning of errands can turn into hell

Take it one day at a time, one day at a time quote, several days attach me at once quote

When people hear about the crazy things that happen to downtown newbs, they often roll their eyes and echo “only in Toronto.” Things like crowded streets, impossible parking, and construction areas are normal for travelling downtown. But “apparently” so is being greeted with spit on your windshield (ew!), the middle finger from a total stranger …

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Office Space in the real world – admit it, similar shit’s happened to you

Last weekend I watched the Office Space movie, a film set in the late 90s about 3 working guys who downright hate their jobs. If you’ve ever been stuck in a stuffy cubicle reporting to 8 bosses who nag you about your company’s version of TPS reports, this is a must-watch-again movie. Sure, the movie is …

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3 ways to handle work stress (okay, 4 ways)

handle stress like a dog

Stress is defined as “anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-being”. When we’re stressed, our bodies go through the following changes: Blood pressure rises Heart rate rises Breathing becomes more rapid Digestive system slows down Immune system goes down Muscles become tense We lose sleep due to our heightened state of …

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Can we really do it all? What I’m learning about work life balance

Can a career-driven woman manage countless projects, promotions, a department and executives’ expectations and still hold on to her sanity? Can she come home at the end of a 10-hour work day and have the energy to make dinner, clean the kitchen and complete all the other domestic duties that come with wifehood? The short …

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5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Workplace

dysfunctional company culture

Workplace horror stories and low office morale aren’t something to poke fun at. But some situations are just so effed up that you almost have to laugh at them… just to get through the madness. Whether it’s a micro-managing boss, a jealous colleague, broken processes, lack of processes, unreasonable deadlines, poor employee morale, or verbal harassment …

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“You just have to deal with the way things are.”

confused person

Many companies are divided into 3 distinct, yet unspoken, groups: 1. The Entitled – Those who have been there for years (some from the beginning). They call the shots and have the most influence in the organization. You recognize them by the “entitled” badges they wear around the office. 2. The Visitors – Those who …

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