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Why do relatives feel “entitled” to be part of people’s weddings?

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“Weddings are a celebration of love between 2 people,” most would say. But I bet behind that blanket statement, they’ve had a couple of other thoughts cross their mind: Great opportunity to get drunk on someone else’s dime. As soon as people hear “weddings” they usually think of the bachelor / bachelorette parties, engagement parties, …

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Writing my wedding vows – learning the true meaning of vows

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Writing my wedding vows was the one detail I left till the last minute. I just assumed the writer in me would kick in and the perfect words would spill out the moment I sat down to write them. Wrong. So very wrong. When I tried writing my wedding vows on my phone a couple …

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Funny friendship quotes that I just had to share

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I’ve really been touched by all the support I’ve received from my friends. Call me crazy, but I think our secret wedding has softened my dark and stone cold heart a little. Now I’m all of a sudden… emotional. (What the hell?) Last week, my childhood best friend gave me away to marry my life-long …

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Photos from our wedding in Costa Rica

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Thank you everyone for your kind words. We weren’t sure how people would react to our elopement announcement, so we were incredibly touched when the response was overwhelmingly positive. After sneaking away to enjoy our secret Costa Rica wedding, we’re back home now. But Craig and I aren’t done celebrating just yet. Here are some …

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Surprise, we eloped! Read our elopement announcement

elopement announcement

That’s right. This is our elopement announcement! I can hear my friends reading this and saying, “That’s so Jo!” And they’re right. This elopement announcement screams “We’re married, y’all.” On April 4, 2013 Craig and I tied the knot in a VERY intimate elopement ceremony in Costa Rica. We’re staying at the luxurious Riu Palace …

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Why I decided not to have a wedding

I probably caught the attention of many friends who have been waiting anxiously for us to set a date. Ladies, don’t hold your breath. 🙂 Most girls dream of the day their Prince Charming gets on one knee and proposes to spend the rest of their lives together. They mentally plan out every detail of …

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