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Can we really do it all? What I’m learning about work life balance

Can a career-driven woman manage countless projects, promotions, a department and executives’ expectations and still hold on to her sanity? Can she come home at the end of a 10-hour work day and have the energy to make dinner, clean the kitchen and complete all the other domestic duties that come with wifehood? The short …

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Is your cubicle next to a sociopath at work?


What about the boss who occupies the corner office? Or the vice president on the 10th floor? Believe it or not, but deep inside many corporations hides a sociopathic leader. Read on to learn more about the signs and ask yourself if any of these traits sound familiar. The dictionary defines a sociopath as “a …

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5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Workplace

dysfunctional company culture

Workplace horror stories and low office morale aren’t something to poke fun at. But some situations are just so effed up that you almost have to laugh at them… just to get through the madness. Whether it’s a micro-managing boss, a jealous colleague, broken processes, lack of processes, unreasonable deadlines, poor employee morale, or verbal harassment …

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“You just have to deal with the way things are.”

confused person

Many companies are divided into 3 distinct, yet unspoken, groups: 1. The Entitled – Those who have been there for years (some from the beginning). They call the shots and have the most influence in the organization. You recognize them by the “entitled” badges they wear around the office. 2. The Visitors – Those who …

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