Things kids can get away with… that adults would be judged for if we did in public

kid picking his noseA few weeks ago, I had 2 back-to-back evenings surrounded by friends and family who have small kids. As the adults were drinking and chatting, the school aged kids were playing while the babies and toddlers were mostly fussing.

As a people watcher, I couldn’t help but observe the way kids behave around adults. The crazy things kids can get away with…  that adults would be judged for if we did (at least in public).

Maybe it was the alcohol bringing about this revelation. Who knows?

Grunting to get attention

Little people have an amazing ability to capture the attention of anyone in the room simply by grunting. “Uhhh, uhhh” followed by “Acck, Acck” will get every adult asking, “Aww, what’s the matter?” Meanwhile, if I were to walk around a family party grunting, people would ask each other, “What the F is wrong with that chick?”

Demanding to be carried everywhere

Oh, the life of a baby. If you’re not getting pushed around in a stroller, you’re being carried everywhere. Even toddlers who are able to walk can demand to be carried just by sticking up their arms to any adult in the room.

Now if I walked up to you and stuck my arms up in the air, what would you think?

Picking their nose

Kids can get away with picking their nose and eating whatever they find up there. But if you find an adult picking their nose, well that’s pretty gross. Enough said.

Walking up to people and opening their mouths to be fed

This is pretty funny to watch. Kids can walk up to any familiar adult with food on their plate and open their mouths to be fed. Why won’t people feed me when I randomly walk up to them with my mouth opened at a family party?

you made it weird, weird picturesCrawling into people’s laps

When a kid crawls into someone’s lap, it’s cute. When an adult does it, it’s creepy.

Crapping themselves

You gotta love the face that babies make when they grab onto something while taking a crap in their diapers. I always wonder what’s going on in their minds at this point. “One more push… and then back to playing with my toes. Best day ever!”

Can you imagine hanging out with your relatives and crapping yourself in between conversation topics?

Sleeping in the middle of a party

Kids can crawl into a corner somewhere and pass out among all the noise in someone’s house. But if I were sleepy at a family party, could I just curl up on the couch and take a nap, while everyone around me continued eating and chatting? Probably not without being judged.

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