5 Things you should never say to an angry woman

angry woman, quiet womanWhether she’s stressed out about work, annoyed by her parents, upset about her appearance or mad about something stupid you may have said or done, there are just some things you don’t say to an angry woman.

A woman who’s in the heat of rage and sees enough red to rip off your head is not someone you want to piss off any more. Here’s my simple list of no-no’s when trying to communicate with a mad woman.

“Calm down”

Not only are these 2 words annoying as hell when she’s already annoyed, but they sound belittling. Granted if she’s got a baseball bat against someone’s head or a butcher knife against your crotch, fine. The words “calm down” are a given.

But if she’s blowing off steam or getting something off her chest, telling her to calm down is like telling her she can’t vent or express herself.

“You’re acting crazy”

You may have said, “You’re acting crazy” but all we heard is CRAZY and that’s enough to set us off. That’s IF we haven’t already reached borderline psycho-murderer-mad. It’s not to say that how she’s acting is by any standards “normal,” but you pointing out that she’s acting crazy is only going to provoke her even more.

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“You have issues”

This is worse than “crazy.” Crazy is an abnormal and seemingly temporary state. But “you have issues” is saying we have deeply rooted problems that are part of our natural and overall make-up. It’s like telling us that even when the anger passes and everything’s okay again, there’s still something wrong with us deep inside.

Any mention of “PMS” or “that time of the month”

Though it’s true some women get angry because of hormone changes depending on what day of the month it is, some of us are genuinely bothered by the idiots around us. Attributing a woman’s feelings to “that time of the month” or that she’s “PMS-ing” is like saying we don’t have a good reason to be upset.

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“Bitch” …in any sort of context

Unless you’re saying, “I’m sorry for being a little bitch,” using that word in any other context when trying to communicate with an angry woman will get you nowhere. If that word accidentally slips out in the heat of an argument, you might as well say goodbye to your balls because she’ll probably cut them off soon enough.

So ladies and gents, now over to you. What would you add to this list? Leave me a comment below of other things you should never say to an angry woman.


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  1. I was given some advice once by a female friend…”if you did something wrong…apologise, if she did something wrong…apologise”!!! x

    1. THAT is excellent advice, my friend. To add to that advice: If she says she’s tired, just apologize. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment as always!

    • thia on January 13, 2016 at 10:07 am
    • Reply

    add “you’re so cute /adorable when you’re angry”

    1. That’s a cunning answer to a cheilanglng question

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