You know it’s time for a career change when…

quotes about change, change quotes, shit happens quoteA few of my friends are embarking on a career change, most of whom are only in their late 20s – early 30s. What inspires a person to make the bold decision to leave something familiar in pursuit of something new? Probably a number of things. But here are signs that should tell you, “Hey, it’s probably time for a career change!”

What you studied in school isn’t what you want do

Graduating with a Bachelor in Geography might seem super cool at the time. But it may not open the career doors you want it to later on.

Your career choice isn’t paying the bills

I’m all about following your dreams. But eventually you reach a point where it’s just not cool to be broke anymore. That’s when you have to decide what’s more important: pursuing your dreams or buying groceries.

You chose the career your parents wanted and now you hate it

Parents can sometimes push their kids to become doctors, nurses, lawyers or to take over the family business. Following the dreams of your parents might make them happy, but you’ve got to ask yourself, “What do I want?”

You’re bored with your job

Some people are okay doing the same thing every day, while others (like me) would lose their minds doing the same mundane tasks day in day out. If you’re feeling bored at your job, maybe it’s time for a new challenge.

You had a baby (or some other life change) 

Maybe you had a baby and want to spend more time at home. Or maybe you had a baby and need to make more money to feed the kid. Either way, life changes (planned or accidental) can sometimes lead to a career change.

Your finances are in trouble

Buying an expensive sports car, signing a mortgage for a new house in the suburbs, or incurring any large amount of debt can cause people to think about career changes. It might be what they need to get financially back on track.

Your job growth opportunities are stunted

Some workplaces may not offer the growth opportunities you’re looking for – either because the company is limited or your skillsets are limited. If this is the case, it might be time to move on or expand your expertise.

You’ve accomplished all that you set out to achieve in your career

Whether your dream was to be the CEO of a big shot corporation or Senior Lettuce Shredder at your local sandwich shop – if you’ve reached your highest goal and feel there’s nothing left for you, maybe it’s time to explore a new challenge. (Or for the lettuce shredder, dream bigger.)

You got fired and can’t find a similar job

If new technology or another function has taken over your job (and it’s all you know how to do), it could be time to learn how to do something else. Think about it – in pockets all over the world, there could be a bunch of anti-social nerds building super machines, and one day those machines could take over all our jobs! You never know, right?

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