Valen-what-day? Why I think Valentine’s Day is stupid

roses are red poemSome would say the me that existed a couple years ago was pretty cynical, not just about Valentine’s Day but about love, commitment, and feelings in general. Truth be told, I wasn’t fond of relationships, romance, hugging or anything that could be considered warm human interaction.

Fast-forward 2 years, and I’m a changed woman… sort of.

I’ll be the first to admit that love bitch slapped me in the face when I met my fiancée. But I can’t say that my heart has softened enough to love romance, love Valentine’s Day or love “love.”

I think Valentine’s Day is stupid.

I spent all day today listening to girls ask other girls what their husbands or boyfriends are doing for their Valentine’s Day dinner. I saw guys teaming up with other guys to think of Valentine’s Day ideas for their significant others. And I rolled my eyes as I heard the singles complain about not having anyone to share the day with.

My question is… what’s the point of Valentine’s Day?

Why do people put all this effort (and unnecessary stress) into a holiday that’s not really a holiday? Let’s be real here. February 14 is just another day of any ordinary month of any regular year. People say it’s an opportunity to show that special someone how much you love them. But shouldn’t we do that every day?

My better half and I spent February 14 just like how we spent February 13. We woke up and went to work. Midway through the morning, I thought “maybe I should do something special since everyone else seems to be.”

So I sent him this photo complimenting his butt.

THAT was my best effort at romance. Some people thought it was silly (probably true); others said I wasn’t taking Valentine’s Day seriously (definitely true). But I thought it was pretty damn romantic.

Some conversations I had at work today:

Co-worker: What did you get your fiancée for Valentine’s Day?

Me: Nothing.

Co-worker: What? Why not?

Me: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day… I think it’s stupid.

Co-worker: You should have been born a boy. Everything dudes hate, you hate too.

Co-worker: So what are you guys doing tonight?

Me: Going for wings.

Co-worker: That’s it? You’re not going to a romantic Valentine’s Day restaurant?

Me: This sports bar is pretty romantic. It has booths.

Co-worker: Did you get him a Valentine’s Day card at least?

Me: I sent him a poem telling him I like his butt.

Co-worker: Seriously, you are the least sentimental person I know!

Co-worker: What if he gets you jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

Me: He won’t.

Co-worker: How do you know?

Me: Because I don’t wear jewellery… except for the jewelry I have to wear.

Co-worker: You mean your engagement ring?

Co-worker: What about flowers? Don’t you like flowers?

Me: I hate flowers.

Co-worker: So do you not like ANYTHING about Valentine’s Day?!

Me: The only way I’ll like Valentine’s Day is if it gave me the day off work… otherwise no.

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