What gives people the right to… (list the stupid things people do here)

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As an avid people-watcher and observer of life’s unusual moments, I often see things that I don’t understand. Things that people say and do that make you wonder how much their parents paid their 2nd grade teachers not to flunk them for the third time. Admit it. You’ve seen some annoying people and wondered the same thing. Well, here’s my list of stupid things people do. Feel free to add your observations to this list as well.

What gives people the right to…

1. Take your last piece of gum and leave the package

There’s an unspoken rule that you don’t take someone’s last piece of gum unless they say it’s okay. I didn’t make up that rule. It just exists. I sometimes leave gum on my desk for my cubicle neighbours to help themselves. But I HATE when people take my last piece, and even more so when they leave the package for me to throw out.

2. Kick the back of your seat at the movies

Unless I’m watching an R rated movie, I almost always find myself seated in front of the only kid with tourettes in the entire theatre. Those pre-movie ads reminding viewers not to be “Suzy kicks a lot” just don’t work.

3. Touch a stranger’s belly without asking

All of my pregnant friends have experienced this. That awkward moment when a complete stranger reaches over and caresses your belly bump unexpectedly. Pretty uncomfortable to watch, and probably more uncomfortable for the mom-to-be.

4. Leave a used and dirty Kleenex on your desk

Now that it’s cold and flu season, it seems germs around the office are being passed around constantly – and so are dirty Kleenexes! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a dirty tissue left on someone’s desk, in the boardroom or in the lunchroom. Gross.

5. Smoke right outside a building entrance

I don’t care if it’s cold, windy or hailing outside. If smokers must go outside to nurse their disgusting habit, then they ought to obey the laws and smoke in their designated areas.

6. Invite themselves to an event you’re planning

Whether it’s a group lunch, an intimate dinner or an evening shopping trip, have you ever had someone eavesdrop while you’re making plans and conveniently invite themselves to join in?

7. Not wipe their pee off the toilet seat

Though many people complain about this disgustingness, we still see it more often than we should. It makes me wonder. Is it the same person peeing multiple times a day and leaving droplets behind every time? Or is a group of people who do it in secret … on purpose?

8. Give complete strangers high 5’s

Have you ever seen someone attempt to high 5 a person they barely know? You can see the person thinking, “Seriously dude, we’re doing this?” and it is utterly hilarious! That type of uncomfort is equivalent to a guy attempting to kiss a girl, but ends up landing on her cheek. Awkward!

9. Put their barefoot on the dashboard

Driving on the road and seeing a barefoot propped up on the dash (practically hanging out the window) is not only distracting but it exudes trashiness. Have some class, people!

10. Interrupt you by saying, “I don’t mean to interrupt but – ”

Seriously? The only time that type of interjection is okay is if you’re pointing out a fire or some other emergency reason for interrupting. But interrupting someone just to give a rebuttal is downright annoying.

I could probably go on and list a billion other dumb things people do, but I’m going to end this list at 10. Now over to you. Add to this list of stupid things people do by simply asking yourself, “What gives people the right to…”



    • Craig on January 25, 2013 at 9:33 am
    • Reply

    This is in line with #1. Yesterday a co-worker came by and asked why we never have snacks on our team desk. I responded “because the last time we had a Toblerone bar there, you took the last two pieces and left the bar wrapper for us to throw out!” No “sorry” or “my bad” he giggled and insisted we keep more snacks around. The nerve of some people to ask for more free food.

    11. Help themselves to company potlucks which they did not participate in. Furthermore, taking food home in containers to feed their family at home while some people are still trying to get first crack at getting some food for lunch.

    12. Volun-tell someone. If you need a volunteer do it yourself, don’t nominate someone to do it for you. I was once volun-told to be a fire marshal for our floor so I had to ensure everyone got out of the building okay in case of a fire… IF THERE IS A FIRE, I’LL BE THE FIRST ONE OUT!

  1. Loved this post! This ALL needed to be said!

    1. Thanks Shawn! I always appreciate meeting someone who acknowledges the same WTF moments as me 🙂 Feel free to subscribe and visit again!

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