When is it ever okay not to flush?!?

The other day, a friend posted a disturbing yet funny message on Facebook about people who don’t flush the toilet:

“I’d like to know what goes through a woman’s head when she uses a public bathroom and decides NOT to flush. So effing dirty.”

flush the toilet, quotes about not flushing the toiletNot only did this bring back memories of my former workplace, but it also reminded me of almost every public bathroom I’ve stepped foot in. From shopping malls to airports, from restaurants to waiting rooms – more often than not, there’s a disturbing surprise in one of those stalls. Why is it okay for a person to use (and sometimes violate) a bathroom and leave without flushing the toilet? Beats the shit out of me. But one thing’s for certain – every time you come across a violent unflushed toilet, your immediate reaction is “WTF?” followed by, “Seriously?!”

Reminiscing back to the good ol’ days of sharing puke-worthy toilet stories with my former colleagues, I was inspired to blog about them… just for fun.

The triple P concoction

One afternoon at the office, I came out of the women’s bathroom horrified. My co-worker asked me what happened. I told him, “I saw something nobody should ever see.” Amused by my dramatic response he asked, “Was it poo?” Not realizing that I would actually respond in full detail, I verified by saying, “It was pee, poo and period.” The conversation ended there. Needless to say, the “triple P” concoction is something NO ONE should ever have to see. Yuck.

Pubic hair on the toilet seat

When you walk into a stall and the first thing you see is a pubic hair on the toilet seat, naturally several questions come to mind. WHY is there a pubic hair on the toilet seat? HOW could this person not notice it before walking out? And why is someone’s pubic hair THAT long to begin with? Sigh.

The aftermath of food poisoning

I’ll never forget this. My good friend came out of the bathroom one afternoon and walked up to my desk. With a genuinely concerned look on her face she said, “Joanne, look at me. What happened in the bathroom?” I bursted out in laughter and asked her what she saw. She couldn’t put it into words. She just warned me, “Don’t go into the first stall. And tell the others!” Later that afternoon, I caught a glimpse of this stall by accident. I can only describe it as the aftermath of food poisoning… either that or severe sewage back-up. Either way, puke.

Why someone uses a bathroom and walks away without flushing is still a mystery to me and many friends who share the same wonder.

What do YOU think goes through the mind of someone who walks away without flushing?

A) “I’m going to share this with the next person.”

B) “This was so awesome, someone else has GOT to see it!”

C) “I wonder what this button does?”

D) “I’m too lazy. Someone else will flush it for me.”

Seriously, WTF?

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    • SusanSaranwrap on February 9, 2016 at 7:51 am
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    To me it feels like passive aggression when I see a public toilet unflushed, as in “haha, you WILL smell my shit”. I always go to another stall rather than play servant to some pig like that. Disgusting example of how society is becoming more feral.

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