“When life becomes too difficult…”

Prayer QuoteOn December 14, 2012, the world experienced another unnecessary tragedy due to gun violence. Everyone has their opinion on gun laws, American politics and what could cause someone to act out in such ignorant hatred. An event like this certainly opens the floor for thoughts to be shared. Though normally opinionated, for me right now the words simply aren’t there. On December 14, exactly 9 years ago to the date, I myself lost a loved one to senseless violence. At the age of 19, one of my good friends was taken away. I can imagine what these families are going through. Every time I see a picture of a child on the news, I can’t help but wonder why. Why did this happen? How could this happen? But one thing I’ve learned through loss is this: when life becomes too difficult for you to stand, the only thing you can do is kneel before God and pray.

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