Why do people steal food from the office fridge?

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Many of you will remember Friends, the popular 90s television show that aired for a decade. Remember the episode when Ross had a mental breakdown after freaking out on his colleague for taking his sandwich from the office fridge? For those who haven’t seen that episode, you should watch it. Ross’ overdramatic rage is quite amusing and probably resembles how we would react if we found ourselves face-to-face with that co-worker who stole our lunch.

In almost all the workplaces I’ve been to, I’ve seen people steal food from work. At my former office, my co-worker put a tube of yogurt in the fridge to enjoy later. When she went to get it, she noticed the tube had been opened and some yogurt was missing!

WTF is that?

It was like someone just opened the fridge and thought, “I wonder what this tastes like?” Rips the tube open, sucks some yogurt out and said, “Nah, I don’t like strawberry” and then puts the yogurt back. Is that normal, acceptable behaviour? If you’re going to steal (and taste test) someone’s yogurt, you might as well take the whole tube or at least throw it out to hide the evidence. Why open it, taste it and then put it back in its exact spot?

In my current workplace, someone took my package of salad dressing… which was taped to my container of salad. Taped. Another co-worker I know had her entire bottle of salad dressing taken. Others have shared similar stories like missing sandwiches, juice boxes, containers, cutlery, the list goes on.

I have no clue what the thought process is of someone who opens the office fridge and eats someone else’s lunch. Have they mistaken it with their own food? Are they confused? Hungry? I don’t know.

The office fridge is NOT a free-for-all. It’s not box of goodies where people can choose their snacks. Maybe you can do that with lost-and-found boxes (maybe), but not the office fridge! Come on, people. Quit stealing food at work.


    • Marissa on December 30, 2012 at 2:59 pm
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    Amen sister!! Couldn’t have said it better!

    • cri1950ina on December 31, 2012 at 10:39 am
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    Here in Italy stealing politicians, entrepreneurs, and all those who hold power, and if it is a stolen coke in the office fridge, we laugh! You have a nice blog, congratulations.

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